Samsung reverses course in Mexico: they have suspended the blocking of smartphones purchased on the gray market

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The company had announced that it would block smartphones purchased on the gray market. However, they have decided to suspend the blockade and propose to find a solution with the government.


Samsung Electronic Mexico announced on October 10 that they would block smartphones purchased on the gray market in the country and activated as of September 21. The South Korean company is not the first to take this measure in Mexican territory, since Motorola and ZTE They also announced the blocking of devices. Now, Samsung has backed down.

In a official statementthe South Korean giant has announced that suspends the blocking of smartphones purchased on the gray market. At the same time, they claim to be willing to work with government entities to find a solution.

Samsung will follow Profeco’s request and suspend the blocking of smartphones

After several users reported that their smartphones had received a blocking notice, a controversy began that has not stopped ringing in recent days in Mexico: Samsung and Motorola began to block smartphones purchased on the gray market, a market that usually offers attractive prices on mobile devices, sometimes even cheaper than on the brands’ official channels. This market is not technically illegal, but at the same time, devices purchased through the gray market and unofficial channels may not comply with national regulations, since they are not approved. In other words, the risk is that a smartphone purchased on the gray market does not work 100% correctly, or some of its features cannot be used.

Of course, the gray market affects the sales of brands and their official channels, so some brands began to take measures to combat it. Samsung, Motorola and ZTE began to block smartphones purchased in this market. Given which, the consumer protection entity in Mexico, Profeco, together with the Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFT), They asked the brands to suspend the blockade of smartphones. According to him Profeco statement:

PROFECO and IFT call for the immediate suspension of cell phone blocking. Manufacturers are invited to form part of a working group (…), in order to identify measures and implement actions to address the challenges posed by the gray market, safeguarding at all times the rights of users and consumers.

Samsung has announced that, in line with the request of Profeco and the IFT, They will suspend the blocking of smartphones that come from the gray market. The company’s intention, they say, is to join this joint effort to find, together with the authorities and other related parties, a solution for “the problem generated by the gray market in Mexico.”

What happens to smartphones that have already been blocked?

Samsung will no longer lock phones purchased on the gray market, but it’s not the end of this story yet. Smartphone manufacturers, together with related government entities, They will have to find a solution that benefits the consumer and, at the same time, is satisfactory for all parties. As we mentioned a few lines ago, the gray market is not technically illegal, but Profeco recommends the use of approved devices to guarantee their correct functioning in the country.

As for smartphones that have already been blocked, Motorola assured Forbes Mexico that will re-enable devices that have already been blocked for having been acquired on the gray market: “Given that the user is always at the center of our strategy, at Motorola we are going to enable irregular devices for use in the coming days,” the brand declared to the media. In the case of Samsung, the manufacturer declared, also to Forbes Mexico, that “at the moment (reactivating the smartphones that had been blocked) is not something that we have defined, it is a decision that is being evaluated.” The company assured that it will publish on its official channels when it has news about it.

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