Samsung Releases Firmware That Stops Wear on Faulty SSDs, But It Doesn’t Fix Them

samsung releases firmware that stops wear on faulty ssds but.jpg
samsung releases firmware that stops wear on faulty ssds but.jpg

Samsung has been working as expeditiously as possible to find a solution to the wear and tear issue affecting its flash memory storages in the range and 990 Pro. It would seem, despite everything, that the firmware published by the company will not give complete satisfaction to customers who have seen the health of their SSD degrade at an excessive speed.

Less than a week ago, the NeoWin site relayed numerous testimonials from users of Samsung’s 990 Pro SSDs who saw the value of Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology, in other words, the health of their memory. flash change from 100% to 64% after writing the equivalent of just 2TB of data.

Suffice to say that this behavior is abnormal, the most recent SSDs from Samsung, the 990 Pro like the 980 Pro, being titrated at 1200 TBW. They are supposed to be able to write up to 1200 TB of data without noticeable degradation in their lifespan. Although the giant was quick to release firmware for the 980 Pro, it was slow to come up with a fix for the 990 Pro. This gap is now filled, but it will not satisfy everyone.

Firmware for Samsung 990 Pro SSDs Stops Excessive Wear, But Doesn’t Restore Health

The Korean brand’s German forum revealed a message sent by company officials: “Hello everyone, Samsung has answered customer questions about the SMART functionality of the 990 Pro SSDs under review. These anomalies were caused by the firmware of the 990 Pro. Therefore, a firmware was released today to fix them. SMART values ​​will not be restored to factory settings after the update and will vary depending on the user’s environment and usage conditions”.

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Indeed, according to NeoWin, reports from customers who installed the firmware indicate that while the firmware does indeed stop rapid and continuous SSD degradation, it does not restore the health percentage to a normal value. The damage is therefore done for the unfortunate owners of a 990 Pro SSD from the brand.

Source : NeoWin

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