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Samsung presents its fastest RAM memory. Will it come to the Samsung Galaxy S23?

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One of the most anticipated phones is the Samsung galaxy S23, the next flagship of the Korean manufacturer. And the truth is that little by little we are getting to know more details about this device as its presentation date approaches, which will most likely be in February 2023, taking advantage of the idyllic setting offered by the MWC, the largest telephony fair in the world. world level. We have already known some details, such as the change in design that the next generation Samsung Galaxy S will present. And now we are going to talk about its RAM memory. Mainly because the Korean manufacturer has just introduced its new LPDDR5X DRAM memory, with the highest speed in the sector, 8.5 gigabits per second and that is compatible with Snapdragon mobile platforms. As announced in a press release, this means that the manufacturer’s new RAM can be used in both mobile phones and ultraportables. And yes, the Samsung Galaxy S23 is surely the first smartphone of the Korean company to release this new RAM memory. More speed and better energy efficiency for the new Samsung RAM To say that this new Samsung RAM has surpassed the previous maximum speed of 7.5 Gbps reached in March, reaffirming its leadership in the memory market. In addition, these new modules boast an improvement in energy efficiency, offering low consumption to extend the autonomy of any equipment that uses this manufacturer’s RAM. “The joint validation of the 8.5 Gbps LPDDR5X DRAM has enabled us to accelerate the market availability of this high-speed memory interface by more than a year, which is a tremendous achievement made possible by our long collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies,” said Daniel Lee, executive vice president of Samsung Electronics’ memory product planning team. “As LPDDR memory continues to expand its use beyond smartphones into AI and data center applications, strong collaboration between memory and SoC vendors is becoming increasingly important. Samsung will continue to actively collaborate with innovators such as Qualcomm Technologies to improve ecosystem readiness for future LPDDR standards.” “At Qualcomm Technologies, we strive to be at the forefront of enabling and adopting the latest memory specifications on our Snapdragon mobile platforms. We are the first in the mobile industry to enable the latest 8.5 Gbps LPDDR5X on mobile platforms.” Snapdragon, which will enhance user experiences with new features and increased performance for mobile, gaming, camera and AI applications,” said Ziad Asghar, vice president of product management at Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. Regarding the launch One of the first teams with this 8.5 Gbps LPDDR5X RAM from Samsung, the Galaxy S23 is surely the first model to release technology, although we will have to wait until next February to find out. >

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