Samsung prepares a tablet with a folding screen… and it is closer than expected

Samsung prepares a tablet with a folding screen... and it is closer than expected

Something has become known that could be the most important thing in today’s world of technology: the arrival of a tablet with foldable screen, something that has been rumored for some time, but has yet to come to pass. The company in charge of taking this step would be samsung, which he already did with telephones. The chosen moment could be much closer than previously thought.

This would mean that the starting gun would be given for the range of products Galaxy Z Tab, which to date was simply speculation. In this way, the Korean firm would increase its commitment to a type of product that is increasingly in demand by users due to the flexibility of use it offers. Of course, it would be necessary to see how these types of panels adapt to tablets, especially with regard to productivity, a section where these devices are increasingly present as substitutes for laptops.

Possible arrival of this Samsung tablet

if they are confirmed the informations that have been known, the Asian company would have the idea of ​​showing a test model this same year, coinciding with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9. He prototype it would be fully functional and would use the Android operating system. In this way, it would be intended to make it clear that everything is perfectly prepared for the moment of the official launch of the product in question.

Using a Samsung foldable device

And when would this release be? Well, most likely it is in 2024 when the brand’s first tablet with a folding screen, the Samsung Galaxy Z Tab, goes on sale. Possibly, the idea is that it coincides with the presentation of the folding screen phones that are expected for next year. In this way, the Koreans will once again get ahead of the rest of the world. It would be another hit on the table by Samsung, which would be very striking, since other manufacturers such as Apple do not pay the slightest attention to these product ranges.

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Work has been going on for a long time

It’s important to note that Samsung has been working on this for a while, exploring all kinds of possibilities for folding screens. For example, at the fair CES of this 2023 could see OLED panels that fit perfectly with the tablet screen dimensions. Therefore, it is not surprising that in a short time it is possible to see one of these devices on the market. The truth is that, with this type of screen, the only rival that the Asian firm has at the moment is LG.