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Samsung prepares a new tablet for the mid-range, and it looks very good

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Samsung prepares a new tablet for the mid-range, and it looks very good

In the spring of this year, Samsung announced a good number of tablets with the Android operating system. Among them, there was no Galaxy Tab F8 SE version, so there was a question as to whether the company was abandoning this product range. Data is finally available in this regard, and these indicate that the Asian manufacturer will launch this device in a short time.

The information comes from the database of one of the most used performance tests with phones and tablets today. We are talking about Geekbench, which measures the performance offered by the hardware integrated in a computer -and, in the final summary, it shows an information screen in which you can see some of the essential components that have intervened-. And this is where the information of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 FE has been seen.

The features that have been known about the Samsung tablet

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One of the things that is very clear from the published data is that this is a model that is not designed to compete in the high-end product range. Thus, everything indicates that Samsung’s idea is to position the new tablet as an option economical be able to compete with cheaper iPads. And, the truth is that everyone points out that he can achieve it.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 FE result on Geekbench

One of the big surprises will be the integrated processor, since the company will resort to MediaTek, a manufacturer that is increasingly present in the market for offering chips that allow prices to be adjusted and that are not without power. The chosen model is called Kompanio 900T. This includes eight cores that work at a frequency of up to 2.6GHz, and offers support for frequencies of the 120hz display and it does not lack excellent connectivity (there are variants with 5G). Good choice.

In what has to do with the RAMthe model that has performed the test has 4GB, which is a sufficient amount, but it would be normal for there to be some variant that includes a couple more gigabytes for those who are a little more demanding when it comes to moving applications and the operating system. By the way, this will be android 13 if the information that has been published is taken for granted. And this is excellent news.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE tablet side

Possibly, it will make several versions of the tableyou

These are especially differentiated by the storage space (which can range between 128 and 256GB) and the amount of RAM, but it is by no means ruled out that there is a variant 5G as we have indicated before, which would complete the product range in which there will be no lack of equipment that includes the one known as solo Wifi.

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At the moment the possible presentation date of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 FE is not known, but the normal thing is that before the end of this year it will be official in order to take advantage of the christmas campaign because this equipment should not be particularly expensive.


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