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Samsung, patent for secure face unlocking with two cameras in display

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Since Samsung has fully entered the race for full screen smartphone the ingenious and effective systems for secure unlocking alternatives to fingerprints have been put aside. It is from Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S9 (remember the iris recognition?) That there is no method other than unlocking by fingerprint: mind you, you can always set the face recognition which, however, is intrinsically less secure due to the lack of dedicated hardware like the one on the iPhone to be clear, the Face ID.

However, a patent filed with the Korean authorities opens a window to a safe alternative to fingerprints, spendable especially on leaflets where the reader under the display at present represents an almost impassable road. The document attests how Samsung can fix one second camera under the screen, and not next to the one already present on the upper area but close to the opposite edge, at the bottom. It would be invisible like that of Galaxy Z Fold 4 (here our in-depth review) and Z Fold 3 and would serve to make unlocking with the face safer.

You would get it more than one advantage especially if the resolution of the next cameras under the display were to remain low, on the 4 MP levels of the Galaxy Z Fold 4/3: the double perspective would provide the recognition algorithm with a more accurate portrait of who at that moment has the smartphone in hand, and also having it from two different angles and with a greater depth can reduce, and not just a little, the margin of error.

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samsung galaxy z fold 4 pic
samsung galaxy z fold 4 pic

samsung galaxy z fold 3 pic
samsung galaxy z fold 3 pic
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 130.1 x 155.1 x 6.3 mm
7.6 inches – 2176×1812 px
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 128.1 x 158.2 x 6.4 mm
7.6 inches – 2208×1768 px


A unedited check described in the patent: By modulating the brightness of the display, cameras can detect the contraction of the pupil movement that obviously a photo or a static image cannot afford.

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So the unlocking algorithm would be certain that the identikit of the cameras belongs to a real person and not an image placed there to try to deceive. Some might point out that it can also be done with a single camera, but evidently Samsung believes that a poorly defined sensor cannot credibly detect minimal changes such as those of the pupil.

In this way Samsung would take two birds with one stone: provide an alternative to fingerprint unlocking that is relatively secure and does not affect product design. Who knows if there is a chance to see it on the Galaxy Z Fold 5 or if it is a longer-term project, assuming it will ever be used.

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