Samsung mixes things up and improves the Galaxy S24 with something that iPhone users will want instantly

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galaxy ai is coming logo.jpg

Galaxy is coming logo for the new Galaxy

One last leak Produced shortly before the Samsung Galaxy S24 is presented this week, it shows one last ace that the company had hidden up its sleeve. With this novelty one could say that they have opened the can of thunder, because they are going to be able to get ahead of the iPhone and, at the same time, leave their users very happy.

Let the iPhone shake and the other rivals of the Galaxy. We know that we are in the era of the end of obsolescence and that manufacturers, at least some, are beginning to understand that they have to ensure a longer useful life for their devices. Google already does it, and now, according to this rumor, Samsung would catch up with it. This are very good news!

Seven years of support

Google has been the first to open the door for mobile phones to receive updates over a period of seven years. It has done it with its Pixel 8 range and, of course, it is about something very well received among users. If we take into account the leak, which comes from Android Headlines, these new Galaxy would receive the new versions of the Google operating system until the launch of Android 21. Those are, in this market, big words.

It is not specified what will happen with the security updates, but it is logical to imagine that they will also be covered proportionally. After all, more importance is usually given to updates aimed at protect device security than to the general ones, so there is no reason to believe that they will not have the same coverage.

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January 15, 2024 • 11:01



For the general Android mobile market, this is great news. Because it was already something that was beginning to cause interest among users, but now that Samsung is getting on board, it is obvious that it is going to have enormous relevance. Therefore, it would not be surprising May other manufacturers also follow the same path and that they begin to guarantee a greater number of years of updating for their terminals. One question to keep in mind is what Apple will do about it. The apple company is not very transparent about the years in which it keeps its iPhone updates active.

So, Apple prefers not to write in stone the support it provides, although iPhone users already know that, in general, what they receive is five years of updates and six of security updates. With the decision that Samsung seems to have made, what is obvious is that the apple entity is going to begin to feel the pressure. After all, the Korean manufacturer would be setting the bar very high with the different Samsung Galaxy S24 models.

AI features… not always free

The leak of Galaxy S24 update support has not been the only new information that has reached the network. Another of the data that is published from various promotional materials that should not have seen the light yet, indicates that the AI ​​​​functions will be free until at least 2025 on certain Galaxy terminals. This therefore implies that at some point we may have to start paying for the device’s artificial intelligence features.

However, this is something that could change or about which we may still need to know a lot. The main reason is that, today, doesn’t seem to be the trend From the market. Large companies are adopting AI as a driver of their next changes and innovations, but they are not putting it behind payment gateways. Perhaps Samsung intends to offer some AI services under subscription and others, the most necessary, to offer for free. Or it is possible that the strategy is still being considered just as other mobile manufacturers are most likely doing.

We will have to wait to see What does the presentation have in store for us? of the new Galaxy this week. For now, everything indicates that we are going to witness one of the most interesting presentations of this beginning of the year.

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