Samsung mistakenly filters the final appearance of its Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra

Brian Adam

Samsung tablets.

There are times that social networks are loaded by the devil and details are overlooked that do not seem to be too important but, put in context, They alert the community to relevant news. And that is, basically, what has happened with Samsung in the last hours, that an inopportune photo uploaded to a support forum seems to have discovered one of its best kept secrets.

And that is, neither more nor less, than the appearance of his next high-end tablet, a Galaxy S8 Ultra on which Some data was already speculated on how it will be and what it will bring in its hardware but that in view of the evidence, the changes in its design are going to be more important than expected. Especially because of the presence of an element that, until recently, was a source of ridicule on the part of the Koreans.


Notch, who said notch?

That must have been answered from the Samsung offices when the community has looked at the company with eyes of astonishment upon verifying that your Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra will have a notch in the center of the screen when we use it in horizontal mode (landscape that the English say), in the style of the one that Apple’s MacBook Pro has just released, or that the iPhone has since that iPhone X of 2017 that was the center of many memes.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra image leaks on Samsung support page

— Droid News (@DroidDotNews) January 19, 2022

With this decision, Samsung comes to agree with Apple that if we want to have screens with increasingly thinner edges, the only way to add all the sensors that these devices usually bring is through an eyebrow that brings them all together in a smaller space. At least, if we want good results when it comes to cameras, proximity sensors, biometrics etc

As we tell you, the auto-leak has occurred on a Samsung support page, where the tablet appears in a background image behind a smartphone of the house It seems obvious that it was a mistake but, along the way, we already know what the next high-end Korean tablet will look like: a 14.6-inch LED screen with QHD resolution, a Snapdragon 8 Gen1 processor and a 12MP camera with an external sensor. Face ID-like side. Hence the presence of the famous notch that this Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra will carry, which could be on the verge of an official announcement. Perhaps taking advantage of the celebration of the next MWC in Barcelona?