Samsung may resume production of Qualcomm chips, says executive

Samsung may resume production of Qualcomm chips, says executive

THE Samsung may return to producing Qualcomm’s top-of-the-line chips after winning a deadline to resolve the issues that affected the performance of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1.

According to Don Maguire, senior vice president and CMO of Qualcomm, Samsung remains a strong partner of the company and there are chances of the Korean company supplying 3nm and 2nm chips in the future.

Qualcomm is too big to work with a single foundry. The multi-foundry strategy is much better in terms of supply, but it is also advantageous in terms of price competitiveness and scale. In particular, a multi-foundation strategy is more appropriate for expanding into business areas other than smartphones.

Image/Reproduction. Samsung may return to being a major chip producer for Qualcomm soon.

As much as this speech by the executive reveals that Samsung and Qualcomm may work together soon, everything indicates that the Korean company will be responsible for producing other types of chips, since the TSMC to deliver 3nm SoCs for smartphones🇧🇷

Analysts believe that Samsung could also grab a slice of that 3nm output if it has ironed out the performance and throughput issues. Currently, the Korean has been working to get orders back not only from Qualcomm, but also from other important companies.

Samsung continues to seek to accelerate the development of 2 nm lithography and the forecast is that the Korean company will start producing these chips in the year 2025. With that, this could be a competitive advantage in the dispute with TSMC.

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