Samsung may finally fix Galaxy Watch glitch on tattooed people

Samsung may finally fix Galaxy Watch glitch on tattooed people
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Smart watches and bracelets have sensors at the bottom to monitor heart rate and blood oxygen saturation, but users with a tattoo in the wrist region often face problems with measuring the results, as the light emitted by the devices interferes with the pigment of the wrist. ink.

This problem, however, has its days numbered on Samsung’s Galaxy Watch line. The information comes from an official comment from the brand on a forum stating that this will be fixed in the future, putting an end to complaints that the device does not emit notifications due to the limitation in photosensitive sensors.

“Hello, customer. If you do not receive a notification due to the tattoo, the responsible team is working on creating an adjustment for detection, and it will be improved with a software update in the second half of this year”, says the company.

The official comment does not clearly state how this improvement will be done, citing only that “After the update, if you turn off usage detection, you will be able to receive notifications with or without tattoo”. Given this response, it’s possible that the fix is ​​related to an update to the watch’s native software rather than a hardware upgrade.

This improvement should arrive with the Galaxy Watch 6 and Watch 6 Classic, models that were recently certified by international entities confirming some rumors.

Samsung can finally solve Galaxy Watch flaw in tattooed people.

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