Samsung leaks the first official images of the Galaxy S23 FE. And there are more surprises

Samsung certifications confirm that the Galaxy S23 FE will come in two processor variants with Qualcomm and Exynos. The brand itself has also shown the first official image of this and other new ‘Fan Edition’ products.


It has already rained since Samsung’s last ‘Fan Edition’. Was the Galaxy S21 FE and, despite an ‘S22’ of this class being rumored, it did not end up arriving. Now it seems that Before the end of the year we could see a Galaxy S23 FEjust a few months before the next flagship, the Galaxy S24.

Now we have learned that this terminal will bring back an old classic from the manufacturer that has always generated debate: different processor variants. Apart, Samsung itself has published (unintentionally or not) the first official image of this and other imminent devices.

You with Snapdragon and you with Exynos

In the first leaks of the Galaxy S23 FE it was said that it would arrive with a Exynos 2200 like brain. It is Samsung’s own processor manufactured in 4 nanometers and, without being the best processor on the market, it has good performance in terms of GPU. In subsequent leaks, nothing made it seem otherwise.

In these that A version with Qualcomm has also been confirmed for some territories. As we read on SamMobile It has been through the certification records where the brand itself has left its mark, making it clear that there will be territories in which the aforementioned Exynos 2200 and by Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 in others.

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This variant with Qualcomm would reach the United States and China, while in the rest of the territories (including Europe and Latin America) we would get the version with Exynos. Therefore, we would return to almost two years ago when we last saw this decision by Samsung to launch its Galaxy S22 with Exynos 2200 in some territories and the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 in others.

It’s not that they are bad processors, far from it. Both were aimed at the highest range at the time, but They were not exactly problem-free chips.. See as the main drawbacks the obvious lack of CPU in the case of the Exynos or the temperature management problems of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 which, among others, led Qualcomm to launch a Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 months later.

Samsung has also revealed its design

If the records are inevitable and from there we get clues like the previous ones, there are points that are under Samsung’s control. Your website, too. Well, it was precisely on its official site where Samsung itself has missed (intentionally or not) the first official images of the Galaxy S23 FE and other terminals.


Samsung Galaxy S23 FE, Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE and Samsung Galaxy Buds FE

In Argentina, the Korean manufacturer published a landing of its next ‘FE’ range, in which apart from the aforementioned mobile They also reveal the Galaxy Tab S9 FE and the Galaxy Buds FE. That is to say, apart from a smartphone, we will also see a tablet and headphones, already having a first official view of all of them.

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Returning to the design of the mobile, we did not find anything that we had not previously seen leaked. And it starts with a design mix between the Galaxy A54 and the Galaxy S23. Very visible bezels on an ‘all-screen’ front with the selfie camera in the upper central part, curved edges and a minimalist rear in which only its three lenses stand out from the body.

For now, we still have no confirmation about When will these products be presented?. What does seem clear is that it must be imminent. From media close to the manufacturer like SamMobile They speculate that it could be October 4, which is precisely when the company will celebrate its developer conference and in which we would also see One UI 6.0.