Samsung launches self-repair program for phones, TVs and laptops in South Korea


Samsung started selling Galaxy repair parts in partnership with iFixit in August 2022, and now the manufacturer has launched a self-repair program in South Korea that covers even more electronic devices.

Among the products covered by the service are Galaxy cell phones, notebooks and even some models of Samsung televisions.

Repair Tools for Galaxy S22 Ultra. Image: Samsung

Samsung claims that the self-repair program allows users to fix their devices themselves with precise instructions on how to replace screens, back cover, charging port and even provides the necessary tools for the repair as we can see in the kits in the images.

Image: Samsung

The self-serviceable models in South Korea are as follows:

  • Cell phones:
    • Galaxy S20 series
    • Galaxy S21 series
    • Galaxy S22 series
  • Laptop:
    • Galaxy Book Pro 15.6″
  • 32-inch Smart TVs:
    • UN32N4000AFXKR
    • UN32N4010AFXKR
    • UN32N4020AFXKR

In the case of the notebook, it is possible to repair up to seven parts: screen, battery, touchpad, power button with fingerprint reader, front case, back case and rubber elements. According to Samsung, these are the parts that had the most repairs requested by users, which is why they are part of the beginning of the program.

After completing the repair, users will be able to rate the procedure through the Samsung Members app. Used parts must be returned to Samsung for the user to receive a partial refund and safe disposal, which is essential in the case of batteries and screens, for example.

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