Samsung launches high-speed Pro Plus memory cards with a USB reader

Samsung launches store with exclusive discounts and actions for members of its community
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A samsung revealed its new plans to sell the series of memory cards pro plus paired with a USB reader. The brand said that the product makes life easier for photographers and videographers when transferring files to another device.

According to Samsung, the Pro Plus package with USB card reader is now available in Germany in three storage capacity configurations: 128 GB, 256 GB and 512 GB. The brand did not report availability in other markets.

the new cards from memory Samsung’s Pro Plus were announced in April and come with high read and write speeds of up to 180 MB/s or 130 MB/s and also offer 6 times greater protection against water, temperature extremes, wear and tear and drops.

Also according to the brand, the products can survive up to 72 hours in 1 meter of sea water and withstand temperatures from -40°C to 86°C or operate at temperatures between -25°C to 85°C. They are also X-ray proof and magnet resistant.

The new USB card reader that is already on sale on the company’s website aimed at European countries is compatible with microSD cards, but Samsung has also said it will sell an accessory along with a full-size SD card.

As for the values, the Pro Plus memory cards start from €27.90 (~R$151 in direct conversion and without taxes) for the option with 128 GBreach 4€2.90 (~R$ 232) in the version with 256 GB and reach €75.90 (~R$ 411) in the 512 GB variant.

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