Samsung launches a new mobile for the entry range with a beastly battery

Samsung launches a new mobile for the entry range with a beastly battery
samsung launches a new mobile for the entry range with

Samsung launches a new mobile for the entry range with a beastly battery

The whirlwind of launches of high-end and even mid-range smartphones means that models designed to cover basic needs go a little unnoticed. But, from time to time, devices appear that are very worthwhile for all that they offer, such as the Samsung Galaxy M14 5G which has just been made official.

This is a terminal that has a design of a lifetime, so we are talking about smooth lines where the rear chassis goes into the kitchen on the screen and that, for this reason, there is no curvature in it. With correct ergonomics and a weight of 206 grams (not bad for reasons that you will read later), it must be said that the colors in which the Samsung terminal can be obtained are the following: light blue, silver and dark blue.

Since we have mentioned it, the reason why the weight does not seem good is that the battery inside the smartphone is no less than 6,000mAh. This is somewhat differential because it allows lengthening the use of equipment up to three days if you are not very demanding, because the hardware is well balanced (as well as the software, which is Android 13). Of course, you should know that the power of the load is 15W, somewhat low considering the indicated amperage. Ideally, it would have reached twenty-five watts so as not to despair every time you connect the Galaxy M14 5G to the current.

New Samsung Galaxy M54 5G

The hardware that you will find in this Samsung mobile

There is an interesting advance in the processor that exists inside this terminal, since it uses the Exynos 1330 from Samsung itself. This octa-core component uses five-nanometer manufacturing technology and is much better than the MediaTek used in the previous generation. The RAMfor its part, is 4GB, which is enough for all kinds of options, but that is not exactly a boast (nor that the storage is 64 gigabytes, although in this case it is possible to expand it by using microSD cards). In short, using WhatsApp will not be a problem for you, as will watching YouTube videos, for example.

Rear and front camera of the Samsung Galaxy M54 5G

One of the good news has to do with the screen of 6.6 inches integrated. This one, which uses an IPS panel, since the AMOLEDs are out of reach (which makes the fingerprint reader integrated into the side), has a resolution Full HD+, which makes it outperform much of its competition. Oh, and the refresh rate is 90Hz, so they comply perfectly.

Price of this new phone

Waiting for its arrival in different regions, first of all this terminal, which has a camera with three 50 + 2 +2 megapixel sensors, is put on sale for about 215 euros to change (It has been deployed in the first place in Ukraine. A correct amount, but the truth is that a little less would have been differential for this Samsung Galaxy M54 that has access to networks 5G.


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