Samsung ISOCELL HP1: The first 200 megapixel mobile sensor

isocell hp1 gn5.jpg
isocell hp1 gn5.jpg

As we anticipated yesterday, Samsung today presented ISOCELL HP1, the first 200 megapixel mobile image sensor with 0.64μm pixels. Together with him, the company has presented ISOCELL GN5, the first image sensor that adopts the Dual Pixel Pro technology of omnidirectional focus with two photodiodes in a single 1.0μm pixel.

ISOCELL HP1: Capture the world in 200MP and 8K video

ISOCELL HP1 is the first 200 MP mobile image sensor, which is based on Samsung’s most advanced pixels, 0.64μm in size. At this resolution, photos retain great detail even when cropped or resized. For the best low-light photography, ISOCELL HP1 features new ChameleonCell technology, a pixel grouping technology that uses a two-by-two, four-by-four or full pixel arrangement depending on the environment.

In a dimly lit environment, the HP1 transforms into a 12.5MP image sensor with large 2.56μm pixels by fusing 16 neighboring pixels. The new 2.56μm pixel is capable of absorbing more light and sensitivity, producing brighter and clearer photos indoors or at dusk. In bright outdoor environments, the sensor’s 200 million pixels can capture ultra-high definition photos on mobile devices. ISOCELL HP1 can record 8K video at 30 frames per second with minimal loss of field of view. HP1 fuses four adjacent pixels to reduce the resolution to 50 MP or 8,192 x 6,144 to record 8K (7,680 x 4,320) video without cropping or reducing the resolution of the entire image.

ISOCELL GN5: High-resolution images with omni-directional autofocus

ISOCELL GN5 is the industry’s first 1.0μm image sensor to integrate Dual Pixel Pro, an omnidirectional autofocus technology, which can substantially increase autofocus capability. This technology places two photodiodes, the smallest in the industry, within each 1.0μm pixel of the sensor, either horizontally or vertically, to recognize pattern changes in all directions.

With one million multidirectional phase detection photodiodes covering all sensor areas, ISOCELL GN5’s autofocus is instantaneous, enabling sharper images in both bright and low light environments.