Samsung hides the fold: on Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Flip 4 it could be like this


If there is one aspect where the foldables of Samsung are not indicated as a reference for the whole sector, that is the visibility of the fold running through the internal display. On the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 it is definitely visible, especially with the screen off or if you do not look at the smartphone from the front, and the competition has already shown that in this sense it can be done better: the latest example is the Find N by Oppo, with the choice of the screen that retracts “by drop” inside the hinge.

The Korean giant, however, as expected, is continuing to work for file this defect, and the rumors at the end of May spoke of a Galaxy Z Fold 4 with a less accentuated fold than the current generation. The same speech, however, should also apply to Galaxy Z Flip 4 (which otherwise seems to keep intact the aesthetics of the predecessor).


The source of these rumors is the well-known leaker IceUniversewhich he published today on his Twitter profile an image that should portray the “new fold” of the next Samsung foldables.

The problem with the photo in question isn’t so much reliability, given that IceUniverse has shown several times in the past to be as trustworthy as the quality of the shot. The fold seems less clear than that visible on the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3, but it must also be said that in this case much depends on the angle of view and the lighting conditions: in short, difficult to express an opinion now.

It is natural to wonder, if anything, if Samsung has found a way to make its fold less evident while maintaining the same approach or has instead adopted a similar solution to that seen on the aforementioned Oppo Find XN, “drop”. In this case we have seen that the result is immediately visually more satisfying, but at the same time we know that in the long run it could lead to the formation of a wavy area in the center of the display (instead of the sharp but less wide Samsung line), as we have already seen happening on Motorola’s Razr adopting the same gimmick. For this reason, the Korean giant has probably continued to insist on the same path until now.

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