Samsung Galaxy Watch user claims the watch burned his wrist

Samsung Galaxy Watch user claims the watch burned his wrist
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An owner of a Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 claimed that the South Korean brand’s smart watch caused burns fromand third degree on his wrist while he slept. The manufacturer has yet to comment on the matter.

The report of the incident was posted on the forum from Reddit, in the community r/WellThatSucks, by user TheMattsterOfSelf, who also released an image of how his puslo looked after the burn, supposedly, caused by the smartwatch.

Published photo shows how the young man’s wrist was after alleged burn caused by the Samsung watch. Image: Playback / Reddit

According to TheMattsterOfSelf, the watch in question is a “44mm Bluetooth Active 2 model” that he’s been using for some time to help manage his insomnia. The website TechRadar, which published the story, tried to contact Samsung but received no response.

It should be noted that this is not the first time that Samsung smartwatches have been blamed for burning pulses instead of calories. An investigation into a possible class action is being carried out following other reports on the same topic.

But it’s not a problem unique to Samsung devices either. Fitbit had to recall millions of its watches Fitbit Ionic earlier this year, after numerous reports of users being burned by them.

Apparently, Fitbit’s watches were overheating because of problems with lithium-ion batteries, which are compact and can be charged quickly. However, this can pose a serious risk in some samples.

And you, have you ever gone through something similar to a smartwatch? Tell us in the comments below!

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