Samsung Galaxy Watch: study points to the accuracy of the system that measures body composition

Samsung Galaxy Watch: study points to the accuracy of the system that measures body composition

Researchers at Louisiana State University, in the United States, from the Pennington Biomedical Research Center and the University of Hawaii Cancer Center conducted a study to verify the accuracy of the system that measures body composition on smartwatches.

The chosen models were the Samsung’s latest smart watches, the Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 4. The results obtained surprised the scientists due to their accuracy in comparison with equipment dedicated to measuring bioimpedance.

According to the study, the impedance analysis performed by the Galaxy Watch 4 produced results consistent with professional systems for this exam in about 97%While the Galaxy Watch 5 achieved a similarity of 98%🇧🇷

In the past, bioimpedance measurement was a complicated, expensive test that required a specialist. With the advancement of technology, access to detailed information fromthe body composition of a human was also facilitated.

The results generated by smaller devices that measure bioimpedance, such as watches, for example, are of concern to doctors and nutritionists. Both Galaxy Watches have a bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) sensor.

The BIA mechanism measures body composition, such as muscle mass or fat mass, by sending microcurrents through the user’s body to measure the amount of muscle, fat and water that make up the body. The measurement time is about 15 seconds.

Regarding the accuracy of the analysis, Samsung recommends starting the BIA at the same time (preferably in the morning), having an empty stomach and a free intestine, avoiding doing it during the menstrual cycle or after activities that increase the body temperature.the body🇧🇷

To experience the BIA feature, simply open the Samsung Health app on your watch, tap Body Composition, enter your weight, and keep your middle and ring fingers on the Home and Back buttons for the entire measurement.

And you, have you used the body measurement system of Samsung watches? Let us know in the comments down below!

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