Samsung Galaxy Tab S9, Super AMOLED display like Plus and Ultra | Rumor



Twist: The Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 may move to the OLED displays, where the previous generation made do with an LCD. This is supported by Ross Young of DSCC, always super informed on the maneuvers of producers and protagonists of the supply chain in the world of displays. The tablet should therefore align with the “big brothers” S9 Plus and S9 Ultra.

Previously for Tab S9 there were also rumors of a significant increase in battery capacity, from 8,000 mAh net of the Tab S8 to 8,500; and the move to OLED (more precisely, Super AMOLED) might help explain it. It remains to be understood what repercussions it could have on prices, which are not exactly low in themselves. For reference, we recall that at launch the prices of the S8 range were €849, €999 and €1,299, respectively for the S8, S8 Plus and S8 Ultra.


That’s all the source has to share for now. It is true that several details have already emerged in recent days, in particular relating to the SoC – apparently Samsung will implement the same Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 custom “Galaxy Edition” seen on the Galaxy S23 smartphones, but with even higher performance, probably thanks to the more generous dimensions of the body and therefore to the greater efficiency in dissipating the heat generated. The dimensions of the displays should remain more or less those seen in the current generation (opening photo): 11″ for the S9, 12.4″ for the S9 Plus and a good 14.6″ for the S9 Ultra.

For now we don’t have precise information on the release date, but one of the most accredited theories points to August 2023along with the fifth generation Galaxy Z foldables.