Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, the results of the DxOMark camera test

samsung galaxy s23 ultra, the results of the dxomark camera
samsung galaxy s23 ultra, the results of the dxomark camera

DXoMark has extensively tested the photographic sector of Samsung’s latest super top of the range, the Galaxy S23 Ultra, and the results are good but not very good: the device is tenth in the global ranking, tied with Google’s Pixel 7 (not the Pro variant, which is well ahead) and the Vivo X90 Pro Plus. However, the overall score is 140, just 9 points away from the current king of the Huawei Mate 50 Pro ranking; in short, we can say that the gap is decidedly thin. Below is an image that summarizes the detailed results of the test very quickly and immediately:


Tests show that the device performs especially well indoorswhere it has only three points of difference from the best result overall (attention, it does not necessarily coincide with the smartphone with the highest overall score), while it suffers a little when the lighting conditions are poor.

However, the source notes that there are no real flaws or shortcomings – in fact it is referred to as great all round cameraphone, able to juggle very well in any condition. Among other things, it is interesting to observe that the main camera was tested only in the 12 MP mode, therefore with 4:4 binning of the 200 MP sensor, and the 50 MP one with 2:2 pixels was neglected, which in In our review we have defined the turning point and the real added value of this year’s module, at least from the point of view of versatility.

As for i videoDxOMark praises the very effective stabilization technology, exposure accuracy and autofocus speed, especially when compared to the previous S22 Ultra (Snapdragon) and in optimal light conditions. There is still room for improvement for low-light white balance. Overall, these are the main technical pros and cons:

Great detailsFairly wide dynamic range in all conditionsVery effective video stabilizationPrecise autofocus in photos and videos

Low contrast in backlit scenesNoise in low light and indoorsOccasional loss of detail with facesFusion artifacts in any conditionSlight inaccuracies in white balanceOccasional underexposure of faces in low light videos

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is available online from Bpm power at 1.105 euros. The value for money is discreet and it is the best device in this price range. To see the other 7 offers click here. (update February 17, 2023, 12:25)

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