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Samsung Galaxy S23, two new accessories arrive for the Gadget Case

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Samsung has released two new accessories dedicated to its most recent top-of-the-range Android smartphones, the Galaxy S23, dedicated in particular to the world of photography. In fact it is more correct to speak of accessories for the Gadget Case, the transparent soft case with an attachment on the back to connect other gadgets, as the name says. Here are names and some more details:

It is a very compact folding tripod which allows you to hold the device vertically or horizontally as needed. It can be great for both shooting and video in awkward locations, as well as having the added benefit of greater stability when recording. Of course, as a stand, it can also come in handy when watching a video or joining a video call.

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This accessory is a little more articulated: it has a shape for which it is very comfortable to hold like a camera, and at the top, in a very comfortable position to reach with the thumb, there is a button for taking photos or starting video recording. In addition, this product also includes a foldable tripod, which even disappears into the main body of the handle.

Neither of the two accessories is currently available on the Samsung Italy website, for now we have only feedback in the United Kingdom. Only the Slim Tripod is actually available for purchase, at a price of £34, handle no. We imagine that the inventory will normalize in the next few days.

The Gadget Case, on the other hand, is available, also in Italy, for both the “base” Galaxy S23, both for the Plus and Ultra variants. The hope is that the catalog of available accessories will expand over the next few months, perhaps even in collaboration with third-party manufacturers; a bike holder, for example, or a car holder would be very nice. More generally, we hope that Samsung’s market power lays the foundations for a unified and intercompatible connection standard between all brands, so that we don’t have to buy all these trivial accessories every time we change phones.

  • Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is available online at Jolly Shop at 1.015 euros or from eBay to 1.099 euros.
  • Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus is available online from Bpm power at 929 euros or from Eprice a 988 euros. The value for money is discreet and it is the best device in this price range.
  • Samsung Galaxy S23 is available online from Phoneshock at 709 euros or from eBay to 764 euros. The value for money is Good. There are 15 best models.
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(updated March 17, 2023, 2.05 pm)

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