Samsung Galaxy S23, the Exynos hypothesis is still on the table | Rumor

It is not yet fully guaranteed that Samsung’s next-generation top-of-the-range smartphones, the Galaxy S23s scheduled to arrive early next year, will be equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon chips worldwide for the first time in many years; it is still possible that some markets, including Europe, will fall back on a Exynos. The well-known leaker Ice Universe reports it, which he cites internal conflicts to the company about this specific decision.

Apparently, the contrasts are between two factions. On the one hand there is the MX division, or Mobile experience, which is not satisfied with the performance of the Exynos 2200 found in this year’s S22 and therefore would like to avoid repeating the experience with the next generation, while from the other key executives of the entire Samsung Electronics would be pressing for a hypothetical Exynos 2300 made (and produced) in house.

For several years now, Samsung has been pursuing its dual-SoC strategy for the Galaxy S. Currently the split is about 70-30 percent in favor of Exynos: Snapdragons are mounted in Galaxy S destined for the North American, South Korean, Chinese, Japanese and Indian markets. In the rest of the world, including Europe and Italy, the Galaxy S arrives with Exynos. both variants are found in Southeast Asia.

Historically, the Exynos have never managed to match the Snapdragon in terms of performance. Some years come very close, in other cases the gap is more marked. Also this year, in which the chips were made exactly on the same production process (Samsung 4 nm), Qualcomm has been able to maintain the advantage (Qualcomm has also decided to change foundry with the Plus variant which has guaranteed it a further leap forward. ). Recent rumors indicate that Samsung is gearing up to revolutionize its division, and that with this in mind it intends to take a year or two off from the release of new flagship SoCs to avoid wasting precious resources unnecessarily.