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Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Snapdragon vs Exynos: Who Wins?

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Even with the most recent generation of samsungs-galaxy-z-flip4-may-have-a-slightly-larger-battery/">Samsung’s top range, the now well-known is reappeared controversy between which of the two variantsExynos (marketed in our market) and snapdragonis the best. DxOMark publishes today a new comparative which helps to provide further useful arguments to clarify the point. The Galaxy S22 Ultra with Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 and its counterpart equipped with the Exynos 2200 are specifically examined. The extremely concise judgment is that the the former beats the latter especially taking into account the battery lifewhile in the other main segments the performance appears substantially in line.


Galaxy S22 Ultra with Snapdragon scores 64 points against the 60 of the Exynos version: this advantage is mainly due to a better charging performance, which allows for better autonomy in each of the three main types of use: light, moderate and intense. In the Dx0Mark tests the Snapdragon variant, depending on the various usage scenarios, obtains 2 to 4 hours of autonomy more than the Exynos.


The individual components of the final grade (autonomy, recharge and efficiency) they are all the preserve of S22 Ultra with Snapdragon. The biggest gap between the two smartphones is recorded in the case of light use (about 2 hours and 30 minutes a day) with 4 hours of autonomy to the advantage of the Snapdragon. According to the tests carried out, the model with Exynos loses about 4.5% of charge per night, compared to 4% of the Snapdragon variant.

Not even the Snapdragon variant, however, manages to obtain a flattering judgment when you consider that even with moderate use it is not possible to exceed the two days of autonomy. To read the data in perspective, the votes assigned to the autonomy of the two smartphones make them move to the 50th (Snapdragon) and to the 57th (Exynos) place in the generating ranking of Dx0Mark; if you narrow the scope of observation to premium range smartphones with a price tag of $ 800 upwards, you move to 10th (Snapdragon) and 11th (Exynos) position.


On the other hand, no difference was detected with regard to the display, with a judgment of 93 points valid for both and with the same strengths:

  • High level of brightness in direct sunlight
  • Good video playback experience characterized by good brightness and equally good contrast and color management
  • Pleasant scrolling of web content and the gallery (contributes the refresh rate up to 120Hz)

Among the aspects that can be improved instead there is the alteration of the images under direct sunlight (for both models), an unconvincing touch response in the corners and edges of the screen (Snapdragon), frame matching problems in the videos and in games (Exynos) and a not always convincing fluidity in some transitions. High-end screens overall that earn both eighth position (sixth considering only premium models with prices from $ 800 upwards).



The overall judgment is formally superimposable, 131 even, and places the two models at the top of the global Dx0Mark ranking: 14th place (13th by analyzing only the top ranges with prices from $ 800 upwards). Still, according to Dx0Mark, Galaxy S22 Ultra with Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 manages to offer a slightly better performance:

S22 Ultra (Snapdragon) offers a slightly better photographic experience, thanks to white balance and finer details, and better slow autofocus.

More in detail:

S22 Ultra Snapdragon:

  • photo: 136 points
  • zoom: 85 points
  • video: 111 points

S22 Ultra Exynos:

  • photo 134 points
  • zoom: 86 points
  • Video 114 points



Photocopy judgment also for the sound sector: 71 pointsi (71 points in playback and 72 in recording). The audio reproduction is overall correct, free of artifacts and offers a good volume. In the judgment on the recording, the good dynamics and the absence of artifacts stand out. Among the aspects that can be improved, however, there is the reproduction of tones in the middle range and a recording with an overall tonal balance that can be improved.


  • Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G is available online from Unieuro to 1,279 euros.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G is available onto 1,249 euros. (updated February 28, 2022, 09:32 am)

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