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Samsung Galaxy S22 Series, the May patches also arrive in Europe

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The time has come for the May security patches for the Samsung Galaxy S22, S22 Plus and S22 Ultra too; in fact, their distribution had already been spotted a few days ago in South America, but now we have multiple findings and reports in various other parts of the world, including North America and Europe. As far as our market is concerned, the firmware being distributed is marked by the abbreviation S90xBXXS4CWD3; in North America, however, you receive S90xU1UES2CWD3.

As always with these types of updates, no new features of any kind are distributed; there are only fixes to security holes to prevent potential exploits and hacker attacks. As we have already seen for other Samsung devices on which the patches have already arrived for a few days, this month the software corrects over 70 leakspresent in various areas of the device – from the bootloader to the Exynos modems to the operating system itself.

As always, we recommend installing patches as soon as possible: it’s a matter of – the name itself says – security. Of all the problems fixed, six (four common to all Android smartphones and two specific to Galaxy) have a critical prioritythe maximum, fifty-six have a high priority, and ten, mostly related to modems, a moderate priority.

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Some of the security vulnerabilities found in Galaxy smartphones and tablets have been found in the FactoryTest function, ActivityManagerService, Theme Manager, GearManagerStub and Tips app. Security flaws have also been found in the Shannon modem found in Exynos processors, the bootloader, telephony framework, call settings components, and AppLock access control.

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(updated May 10, 2023, 07:25)

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