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Samsung Galaxy S22, analysis: there is life beyond large mobiles

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in the smartphone world there are many types of users, but there are two very well marked preferencessuch as those who bet on large mobiles and those users who seek to have a compact mobile.

Samsung, like every year, has put all the meat on the grill with the range galaxy S22. The family has different sizes and features that adapt to the needs of each one, even for those nostalgic for the S Pen and the Note range.

On this occasion we will talk about the Samsung Galaxy S22, one of the three phones that make up the saga and that will be a delight for those users who are looking for enjoy a compact device.

Samsung Galaxy S22, data sheet

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Galaxy S22


AMOLED 6.1 inch

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Full HD+ (2,340 x 1,080px)

LTPO 48-120 Hz

1,500 nits

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samsung exynos 2200

8 cores, 4nm lithography






128 / 256GB


Main: 50MP f/1.8

Ultra Wide Angle: 12MP f/2.2

3X telephoto: 10 MP f/2.4

Frontal camera

10MP f/2.2



25W fast charge

Wireless charging 15W


Android 12 with OneUI 4.1



Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax)

Bluetooth 5.2



146 x 70.6 x 7.6mm



IP68 water resistance

stereo speakers

ultrasonic fingerprint reader

2D face unlock

Samsung DeX



8/128 GB: 859 euros

8/256 GB: 909 euros

A fine, elegant and well-finished design

Samsung Galaxy S22 review

The Samsung Galaxy S22 denotes belonging to the high range as soon as you hold it. Made of glass with aluminum frames and a matte back, it makes for a very premium touch and feel, almost as much as dirty. It must also be said that it is somewhat slippery.

As for the design, it does not change too much compared to previous generations. It seems that Samsung has applied the saying “If something works, why change it?”. keep having very tight frames and a photographic arrangement that makes it unmistakablewell yes, it is difficult to distinguish between generations, but you will know that it is a Samsung.

“If something works, why change it?”

Something that we should point out is that, precisely because we have all the cameras on the same side, the phone wobbles when used on flat surfaces such as on a table. It can be easily solved with a cover, but this time the box is not included, nor is the power adapter.

The songs have a industrial touchalthough these are slightly curved so that the ergonomics are much better and less annoying when it comes to holding it in your hand.

Locate the power/lock and volume up/down buttons of the device on the right side.

Samsung Galaxy S22 review

At the top is the microphone for video recordings.

S22, <a class=analysis">

If we look at the lower edge, we will find the multimedia speaker, the tray for nano SIM cards, the microphone for calls and the USB type C connection.

Samsung Galaxy S22 review

Finally, if we talk about the rear camera we find the three photographic sensors in vertical arrangement Along with the dual-tone flash, the logo and certifications are housed at the bottom.

Samsung Galaxy S22 review

A great little screen

Samsung Galaxy S22 review

Samsung is used to mounting very good panels and this time it has continued with this trend. Colors are one of the elements that stand out the most. along with fluidity, because on this occasion the company has opted for a panel with a refresh rate up to 120 Hz. Now, unlike other panels, this one has LTPO technology, capable of adapting the refresh rate depending on the situation between 48 and 120 Hz.

Capable of adapting the refresh rate depending on the situation

This is a key technology in a device with such small dimensions and in which all eyes are on autonomy.

The touch is fast and precise, the brightness is fair in situations where sunlight hits it directly, although in the days we’ve been testing it, there haven’t been many sunny days.

Galaxy S22

AMOLED technology is noticeable both with the richness of the color and with its characteristic blacks, despite the fact that when the brightness is at maximum the panel tends to saturate, something that is only noticeable when we activate the brightness at maximum.

The HD+ resolution it is more than enough to make use of the device, in fact, we have found it a success in not going to 2K technology, since as we mentioned with the refresh rate, autonomy is usually the weak point of this type of more compact device , although we already told you that it has surprised us.

We cannot forget either the fingerprint sensor integrated in the screenIt is fast and quite accurate. Neither does facial unlocking, which includes it through software, and despite not being too secure, it is effective.

A complete listening experience

Samsung Galaxy S22 review

Large mobiles always have an advantage in the multimedia section compared to compact mobiles. However, this device offers a very good proposal composed of a double speaker what makes the sound rich in nuancesalthough they disappear when we raise the volume beyond 70%, which is where we have found the sweet spot.

Like the screen, in the sound we also find different options to make it sound to our likingalthough it should be noted that this device no longer incorporates AKG headphones in the box as in the past.

In fact, also does not include the 3.5 mm jackwhich would have been very good, despite the fact that the Korean company was one of those who made the decision not to implement it on their devices anymore.

excellent performance

Samsung Galaxy S22 review

The performance offered by the Samsung Galaxy S22 has been excellent. This time it mounts the Exynos 2200 accompanied by 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage. It is more than enough hardware to be able to execute all kinds of tasks.

We have not experienced great heating not even when we have run benchmarks or demanding games. Of course, the fact that it can run all kinds of games does not mean that its performance in numbers is the best, but the truth is that these are left aside when the experience is good on a day-to-day basis.

Despite the fact that the gameplay in all the video games that we have tried has been good, it should be noted that in some situations the textures have resisted a bit. Nothing serious or that affects the gameplayIn fact, it’s likely to get better with better optimization.

In some situations the textures have resisted a bit

Samsung continues to fight and integrate its own processors into its mobiles, but the truth is that it does not reach the power of Qualcomm, or even Mediatek (in benchmarks). It’s no drama and everything works great.









Exynos 2200

Exynos 2100

Snapdragon 888

Apple A15 Bionic

Snapdragon 888

Snapdragon 888

Snapdragon 888










1,165 / 3,543

954 / 2,715

1,107 / 3,144

1,736 / 4,518

1,031 / 3,538

1,132 / 3,634

1,105 / 3,603


Maxed out (6,835 in Wild Life)

maxed out

maxed out

maxed out

maxed out

maxed out



14,759 (PC Mark 2.0)





One UI: Android 12 is love at first sight

Samsung Galaxy S22 review

One UI is a customization layer that has improved a lot And it has been picking up speed. Now it is very fast and effective. In addition, it doesn’t have excessively annoying bloatware either, since most of the applications that come pre-installed are usually downloaded from the application store itself as soon as you launch a device.

Android 12 premieres, how could it be otherwise. The layer has very smooth and effective transitions that provide a very fluid experience even if we decide to limit the refresh rate to 60 Hz.

One UI on Android 12 offers a very smooth experience

Keep the sidebar, which you can easily access with the swipe of a finger. It has a multitude of customization options and even tools that improve the performance of the device in games.

It is very customizable and intuitive. In fact, is able to identify ghost touches and locks the screen, in such a way that it is necessary to swipe to the side for the device to unlock. It doesn’t happen often, but it’s details that make the difference. We can’t forget about BixBywhich we invoke by briefly pressing and holding the device’s power button.

It is also surprising the large number of options that exist in terms of the battery, in fact, in itself. fast charging was disabledsomething that goes against the current trend, but would make battery degradation less over time.

A complete photographic section that shows that you do not have to go to the most expensive model to enjoy photography

Samsung Galaxy S22 review

The photographic section of the Samsung Galaxy S22 is really complete. Count with one 50 megapixel main sensor, although to make captures at such a resolution what we must do is activate a specific mode. The images when we make use of this mode have better detailbut also a higher weight.

Generally speaking, the main sensor behaves very well, both in terms of color and sharpness. The colors it offers are realistic, although it must be said that, in general terms, the processing of . you can check our company relations policy.

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