Samsung does not throw in the towel with Exynos, on the contrary: full speed ahead with the research


The Samsung Exynos division will not disappear: this was confirmed by the top executives of the South Korean giant close to the last financial meeting with investors, silencing rumors that emerged in the last period. As we know, the initiative that aims to compete directly with companies like MediaTek and Qualcomm has never managed to take off fully.

The repeated tests show that in the top range Qualcomm chips always have a certain margin of advantage, moreover the numbers of the market analyzes indicate that, in this specific sector, Samsung is still on the margins despite many years of attempts: MediaTek leads with the 33%, Qualcomm follows with 30%, Apple is third with 23% and much later it comes Samsung, which has to be satisfied with 4% of shares. Ironically, she is instead a leading player in the production of chips for other companies, including Qualcomm and MediaTek.

But Samsung, in fact, does not intend to give up. The executives explained that at the moment they are restructuring the business model of the division and they are executing a plan that aims to become more competitive in the medium / long term. The company is focusing on making the next generation Exynos flagship more competitive, while at the same time aiming to increase its market share by seeking new customers.


The words used by Samsung to describe the situation coincide with the rumors that have emerged over the past months. The company is likely to skip a generation or two to return in 2025 with a completely redesigned chip. The Galaxy S23 and S24, therefore, could only be Qualcomm.