Samsung does it again: 9 years dominating sound bar sales

Samsung does it again: 9 years dominating sound bar sales
samsung does it again: 9 years dominating sound bar sales

One of the best ways to improve the acoustic landscape of your television is to bet on a sound bar. And in this market, there is a manufacturer that is the undisputed king. We talk about samsungwhich has just announced that, one more year, It is once again the firm that sells the most sound bars worldwide.

A height data and that is more surprising considering that Samsung has been dominating the sales of sound bars for 9 years. Although, seeing that the television market the number is bigger Samsung leads sales for the past 16 years, It is clear that the Korean giant is the great rival to beat.

Samsung has been leading sound bar sales for 9 years

In this way, after 16 consecutive years dominating television sales, it is now being They add up to 9 years ruling in the sound bar sector. As the Korean firm has published in a press release, “Samsung Electronics has been recognized as a leader in the global sound bar market, according to market research firm FutureSource Consulting. A report just released on February 28 notes that Samsung led the sound bar market for the ninth consecutive year, with a 20.2% market share and representing 18.4% of industry sales volume in 2022.”

And the truth is that there is no lack of reasons for it. Taking into account that the manufacturer that sells the most televisions worldwide is Samsung, it is logical that its customers bet on its family of sound bars since they offer a unique support.

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We are no longer talking about the sound experience, which is sublime in the most cutting-edge models, such as the Samsung Q990C bar and which offers support for the main sound standards, as well as technologies such as Dolby Atmos with which to offer an acoustic landscape beyond any doubt.

To this we must add unique technologies of the brand, and among which stands out Q-Symphony. We are talking about a system that allows pair your TV speakers with any compatible Samsung sound bar. With this, all the speakers complement each other, turning your Smart TV into a second central speaker to offer a high acoustic landscape that has little to envy to a system with an AV receiver and satellite speakers.

So especially if you have a Samsung TV, even if their solutions include support for any TV with a sound port or HDMI, the best thing to do is buy a Samsung sound bar. Its nine years of dominating the market make it clear that it is the best option.