Samsung DeX on Mac is Running Out: Support Ends on …

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Samsung DeX it is one of the most advanced features of the software. In short, if it is already possible to think about doing everything with the smartphone, the credit goes to solutions such as Samsung DeX.

Samsung DeX on Windows and Mac

However, this function has become increasingly intuitive and easy to usesuch as wireless or USB connection.

With this Samsung tool, users of the Galaxy Note10 and 10+ are given the ability to use DeX on any computer, regardless of its software. For this, the company offers an application compatible with Windows and Mac, which can be downloaded completely free of charge.

Samsung Dex was on constant evolutionBut for the first time he will take a step back, a loss from the current state of affairs. Samsung has included on the dedicated page of its website a note informing that, Starting in January 2022, DeX support for Windows 7 and Mac will be discontinued.

This does not mean that those who use DeX on Mac cannot continue to do so from next year: the application will continue to work, however it will no longer be updated.

That is to say that, little by little, it will lose compatibility with devices that currently support it, and with smartphones that will be launched in the future directly with renewed versions of DeX.

At present it is difficult to quantify how and when this scenario occurs, but it is estimated that as of today.

Also, Samsung does not the reasons behind this choice: it is likely that the audience of DeX users on Mac (as well as Windows 7) is hypothesized to be so small that it makes the cost-benefit ratio unfavorable.