Samsung brings services like Xbox Cloud Gaming and GeForce Now to 2021 smart TVs

Samsung brings services like Xbox Cloud Gaming and GeForce Now to 2021 smart TVs

As cloud gaming services expand in the market, brands pay more attention to this type of platform, especially when expanding their compatibility to their devices — so Xbox Cloud Gaming and GeForce Now will start to arrive for smart phones as well. 2021 Samsung TVs.

These features were already available through the Samsung Gaming Hub, which also has the Amazon Luna, which is on the newest models launched this year by the company. While the Gaming Hub itself won’t be coming to 2021 Samsung TVs, apps like GeForce Now, Amazon Luna, and Xbox Cloud Gaming will soon be available for download direct from the TV’s app store.

This release will take place over a set period of time, with GeForce Now being first on the list, arriving next week to kick things off. With this, compatible TVs will be able to enjoy and play games as if they were running like an RTX 3080 in up to 4K and 60 FPS.

As for the rest of the selected applications, Samsung only says that they will all arrive before the end of the year on the models. There is no precise timeline for the Amazon Luna or Xbox application to reach these TVs, but the expectation is that they will not take long to land on televisions.

How about you, do you use any of these cloud gaming services? Leave your impressions!

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