Samsung Announces ViewFinity S9 Professional Monitor, Its Most Powerful Weapon Against Apple’s Studio Display

Samsung Announces ViewFinity S9 Professional Monitor, Its Most Powerful Weapon Against Apple's Studio Display

About a year ago, Apple introduced the Studio Display, an expensive monitor designed to stand out in performance settings. productivity and content creation. Now it is the turn of Samsung, which intends to compete with the device from the Cupertino company with a rather particular strategy.

We are talking about the Samsung ViewFinity S9, a monitor that is presented as one of the closest alternatives to the Studio Display because it comes with the same size and resolution as the Apple device. And, as if that were not enough, it also incorporates similarities at the design level, which makes them very similar at first glance.

Sleek design and 27-inch 5K display

The new professional monitor from the South Korean company has an IPS panel of 27 inches with 5K resolution (5120×2880 points). The display technology, according to Samsung, is capable of reproducing 99% of the DCI-P3 color space and benefits from anti-reflective coverage to offer optimal reproduction.

As it is a device aimed at the professional public, the calibration of the screen is of vital importance. In this sense, the manufacturer has incorporated Samsung Smart Calibration, a white balance, gamma and RGB calibration system that can be performed directly from a smartphone.

At the connection level, we know that the ViewFinity S9 will have the ability to charge laptops with up to 96 watts and that it will have ports Thunderbolt 4, USB-C, DisplayPort and HDMI. Although there are not too many details, Samsung says that the monitor will allow cameras and other devices to be connected to “transfer huge files” to the computer.

Samsung has also included in the box a camera that, unlike the Studio Display, is not integrated into the frame, but offers 4K quality and benefits from artificial intelligence improvements to automatically zoom and keep the user focused . The camera, they explain, can be removed from the monitor at any time.

Regarding the software, although it is a monitor and not a smart TV, this product integrates the Tizen operating system, which is no longer exclusive to Samsung. This feature will allow users to use apps like Netflix, Prime Video, HBO, Disney+ and more without having the device connected to any external device.

Viewfinity S9 Apple Studio Display 1

Samsung ViewFinity S9 (left), Apple Studio Display (right).

If we talk about the design section, as we said, at first glance the proposals from Samsung and Apple are very similar. Both monitors boast an aluminum casing with the base in the same material. The result? An important commitment to elegance and thermal conductivity. The ViewFinity S9 can be placed in a vertical position, while the Studio Display lacks this possibility.

As it is one of Samsung’s flagship products for CES, we will have to wait until the event that will take place between January 5 and 8, 2023 to find out all the details. A very interesting point will be to know the price. Apple offers the Studio Display from 1799 eurosWill the ViewFinity S9 be cheaper? We will know soon.

Images: Samsung

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