Samsung announces Galaxy-themed car and team for 2023 Formula 4 GP Explorer


Samsung announced in recent days that it will sponsor a Formula 4 themed team at GP Explorer 2023 – an event that will also be sponsored by the company. The company also released an image that shows the side of the customized “Galaxy team” car for the second edition of the race.

In her official statement, the Korean highlighted that the two pilots will show footage of training and behind the scenes of the competition in videos shared with Galaxy S23 Ultra and Galaxy Z Flip 4 cell phones. So far, the names of the pair of members have not been confirmed.

The car will carry Samsung Galaxy colors and logo in its design | Image: Disclosure / Samsung

In the case of the car used, it will have the brand’s colors – predominantly black – and the “Samsung Galaxy” logo positioned on the side in white. It has not yet been announced whether the prototype will feature other company highlights.

Among the teams that will compete last year during the first edition of GP Explorer are names like NordVPN, Alpine, World of Tanks, PUBG Mobile and MWII Racing Team (Modern Warfare II).

GP Explorer 2023 is created by French youtuber Squeezie and will take place on September 9th. In total, there will be 12 teams within the competition, which will take place at the Bugatti Circuit in Le Mans, France.

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