Samsung announces a monitor capable of decorating your room

The monitors are one more element that is usually in the rooms, the reason is that it serves both to connect the computer and a console. If you are looking for a new model and you intend to make it eye-catching, Samsung just announced a new one that meets this by adding very good image quality.

The team we are talking about has some lines that are differential as well as useful, as they allow the screen to be placed in the desired position at all times. But there is something that makes it stand out, the possibility of obtaining this product in different colors to fit what you need. These are the ones that are put on the market from the first moment: white, pink, blue and green. This is something that makes this model different from those on the market.

The Samsung M80B is a device that gives continuity to the models in the Smart Monitor range that was launched on the market in 2020. It maintains one of the things that made it stand out: its usefulness is excellent. This is due to the fact that, in addition to being able to take advantage of it to handle the different operating systems that exist on the market, it is possible to give it extended use with both multimedia content, since it offers compatibility with HDR10+ independently because it does not lack connectivity Wifi to this monitor. In addition, it also includes a couple of stereo speakers 2.5W of power.

Image quality of this Samsung M80B

One of the first things that you have to know about this monitor is that it has a screen with resolution 3.840 x 2,160 pixels, which means it is UHD. This is more than enough in the 32 inches that has the integrated IPS panel and that, in addition, has a brightness of 400 nitscontrast of 3,000:1 and, in addition, it has a frequency of 60 Hz. Therefore, you will not have any complaints if you decide to watch a series or play a game from the most current consoles, such as the new Microsoft models and Sony.

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In what has to do with connectivity, there is good news beyond including WiFi and Bluetooth (something that is differential and allows independent use). What you will find on the Samsung M80B monitor is a port micro-HDMI plus, a pair of USB Type C where one of them allows the connection of a useful remote control that makes it possible to configure the accessory in a very comfortable way without having to approach the monitor itself.

Some more things about this monitor

It should be noted that the model we are talking about includes a camera integrated into its upper frame that allows video calls with high quality because its resolution is Full HD. At the moment the Samsung M80B are available to be reserved and there is no final price announced, but it is normal that it is not especially cheap considering everything it offers. It is clear that this is a model that clearly shows that monitors can be different and complete.