Samsung and Mastercard working on a credit card with fingerprint reader

Samsung and Mastercard working on a credit card with fingerprint reader

Samsung today not only broke every 5G speed record but also announced that it will produce, in partnership with Mastercard and System LSI Business, a biometric credit card which includes an integrated fingerprint scanner, with the aim of ensuring the highest possible security in payments.

According to what is also reported by PhoneArena, this new credit card will work exactly like the other proposals from Mastercard, but with the great news that instead of entering the PIN typing it with the POS keypads, just use your fingerprint.

It is certainly a rather interesting prospect, as also explained by the South Korean giant through the official press release: “The biometric authentication capability enables safer interactions with reduced physical touch points by eliminating the need to enter a PIN on a keyboard. It also adds an additional layer of security to currently available credit cards by verifying the identity of the cardholder with a unique fingerprint “.

Not many details are known at the moment other than the fact that the security chipset will be developed by Samsung’s System LSI Business and that the card will be usable in any terminal compatible with Mastercard. Finally, the company will distribute this product for the first time in the home market in South Korea by the end of 2021, but there is a greater likelihood of see it in the hands of consumers starting from 2022.

Still on the Samsung theme, one of the most anticipated devices for 2021 is the Galaxy A22 5G smartphone, the cheapest model in the world with support for the fifth generation mobile network.

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