Samsung and iFixit together for the repair program. It starts from the USA

Last April, Samsung announced the repair program for Galaxy devices and today, 4 months later, it has finally formalized its opening, at least in the United States. The initiative also involves a big name in the repair sector, namely that of iFixit.

The well-known portal deals with the sale of components, which can be purchased directly from the official website (available in Via). Among these we find elements such as screens, batteries, charging ports And back covers all accompanied by a repair kit and official Samsung instructions that allow you to carry out the repair even from home, provided you have a minimum of familiarity. Inside the kits there are also envelopes to send the defective components to Samsung for recycling.


Don’t be fooled by the Italian page proposed in Streetsince the currently proposed components are only compatible with US versions of supported smartphones, however it is possible that the program may also affect our market in the future.

But what are the devices for which it is possible to buy original spare parts? At the moment the list is very limited and is limited to the Galaxy S20 family, to the Galaxy S21 family, while on the tablet front we report that only the Galaxy Tab S7 + is present (here our review). As you can see, spare parts for the most recent models are not yet available, as are all the mid-range Galaxy, by far the best-selling of the series.

Before concluding, it is also good to answer the most important question: how much does it cost to rely on a DIY kit from Samsung and iFixit? Figures vary based on model and component to be replaced, but ranging from $ 66.97 required for the replacement Type-C port, up to $ 239.99 required to purchase the Galaxy S21 Ultra display kit (a top of the range still very current).

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All in all, these figures are not very far from those required for traditional repairs (in Italy, the intervention on the S21 Ultra screen costs 275 euros, according to the official Samsung price lists), but in this case it is possible to avoid sending the smartphone and remain without it for a prolonged period, if you are able to carry out the operation.