Salesforce introduces AI-related news to Slack

Slack, the popular business communication platform, today announced a series of innovations aimed at integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into its platform.

These improvements are intended to facilitate access to information and the creation of workflows, which could increase efficiency and productivity in companies that use this tool.

SlackGPT integration

Slack has introduced SlackGPT, its own version of generative AI that will allow users and developers to create AI-powered experiences. This integration seeks to improve the user experience by giving them access to relevant information and facilitating the creation of workflows.

With SlackGPT, users will be able to access text generation features for creating conversation summaries, writing assistance, and content generation in Slack-linked apps.

Artificial intelligence will be natively incorporated into the user experience through SlackGPT. This will allow users to work faster and more efficiently, improving communication and learning within the platform.

For developers

Developers will also benefit from the new AI capabilities in Slack, as they will be able to build AI steps into workflows and leverage external applications and large language models to create generative experiences.

Developers will be able to incorporate artificial intelligence into Slack workflows, allowing them to improve efficiency and tailor solutions to the specific needs of each company.

Slack will make it easy to connect with external application and language models, allowing developers to create custom generative experiences for their users.

EinsteinGPT from Salesforce

Salesforce will integrate its version of generative AI, EinsteinGPT, into Slack. This will allow employees to ask questions directly about Salesforce content, improving accessibility to information and fostering cross-team collaboration.

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Employees will be able to access relevant Salesforce information directly from Slack, facilitating real-time cross-team collaboration and decision-making.

Slack will become the conversational interface for Salesforce, allowing users to more seamlessly and efficiently interact with information and data on the Salesforce platform.

future releases

Slack plans to release new features and integrations in the future to further enhance the user experience and productivity on the platform.

This summer, Slack plans to release the SlackGPT AI Connector Workflow Builder. This tool will allow customers to connect ChatGPT or Claude to a workflow, or create custom connectors that integrate their own language models.

Slack values ​​feedback from its users and developers, and will use your feedback to improve and evolve AI integrations in its ecosystem. This feedback will allow Slack and Salesforce to continually adapt and improve their AI solutions to meet the changing needs of their customers.

New AI integrations into Slack, such as SlackGPT and EinsteinGPT, have the potential to revolutionize the way businesses use this communication platform. By facilitating access to information and creating workflows, Slack seeks to improve the user experience and increase productivity in the business environment. With the release of new tools and integrations in the future, Slack continues to focus on delivering innovative and efficient solutions for its customers.