“Salesforce Genie” is intended to connect customer data

1663772316 salesforce genie is intended to connect customer data.png
1663772316 salesforce genie is intended to connect customer data.png

With the customer management “Salesforce” Genie, companies are supposed to collect the data of their buyers via in-house services in order to be able to address them specifically


Everyone knows salespeople who constantly address potential customers by their first names and congratulate them on their children’s birthdays in order to sell a new car to the man or woman. However, according to the software provider Salesforce, personal relationships are no longer enough to sell efficiently. According to Salesforce, sales reps need real-time data about each customer based on previous deals in order to be able to react at the right moment.


At its Dreamforce in-house exhibition in San Francisco, the cloud provider presented a component for its Customer 360 customer management system. The software runs in the Salesforce cloud, which offers components for marketing, sales, e-commerce and customer service.

“Salesforce Genie” is intended to collect customer data company-wide. To do this, it connects various sources within the Salesforce “Customer 360” platform that contain such customer data, for example the in-house services Salesforce CRM and Salesforce Marketing Cloud or external cloud services such as Google or the online storage for e-commerce data Amazon S3 alias Amazon Simple Storage Service.

The data integrated in this way can be connected in a “Customer Graph”. In this way, personal data such as account ID, date of birth, telephone number and e-mail address can be “mapped” in a uniform structure, i.e. combined and linked. Salesforce wants to deliver APIs for various business areas. Salesforce Genie is intended to provide a uniform basis for customer data. According to Salesforce, the companies Ford, L’Oreal and Formula 1 are already using them.


Genie runs on Hyperforce, a cloud architecture newly launched by Salesforce in late 2020. The manufacturer assures that all data is stored securely on this platform and that data protection and compliance guidelines are observed.

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