Rugged iPhone? Apple files patent to make phone resistant to scratches and more

 Rugged iPhone?  Apple files patent to make phone resistant to scratches and more
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In addition to imagining a watch with a display that completely covers the user’s wrist, Apple also registered a patent where the company foresees the launch of a more “robust” iPhone. For this, the company must use the material known as “Spatial Composite”.

According to information collected by Patently Apple, this idea was approved by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and the company’s intention is to make iPhone scratch resistant on the back.

In addition, the Cupertino company also plans to use special materials to make the smartphone’s chassis more resistant to falls. The inventors of these compounds are Apple engineers Christopher Perst and Stephen Lynch.

Image/Reproduction: Patently Apple.

Apple’s patent is not clear about the materials the company can use to achieve its goal, but the text cites “special compounds” formed by metal and ceramics. This should give the smartphone superior durability and minimal interference to the cell signal.

This substrate resulting from the mixture presents a moldable matrix and this allows the construction of a smartphone.

Currently, Apple uses “Crystal Shield” technology to protect the screen from scratches, and “Spatial Composite” is supposed to make the back panel more resistant and prevent the iPhone from wearing out so quickly.

However, one must remember that the company only patented the technology. That is, there are chances that the new material will not reach the final product, since mass production tests will need to be carried out.

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