RTX 4090: Founders Edition models are not immune to the overheating problem


The RTX 4090s continue to melt without anyone being able to do anything about it. This weekend, a first case of a victim Founders Edition model was recorded on Reddit. However, the user explains that he took all the necessary precautions not to twist the power cable. Meanwhile, Nvidia still hasn’t released any official findings from its investigation.


A few days after the start of hostilities, we are slowly approaching 30 victims. The RTX 4090 overheating problem continues to cause panic among gamers, and it’s not the latest testimony that will fix things. On Reddit, yet another user has indeed posted a photo of his 16-pin adapter having melted. Only then, this one had opted for a RTX 4090 Founders Edition.

What put a chill on all the members of the forum. Indeed, if several hypotheses have tried to explain the phenomenon in recent days, from the poor quality of welding of the connectors to the bad connection on the graphics card, the players hoped that the concern concerns above all models from Nvidia’s partner manufacturers. The fact that the Founders Edition, i.e. the models designed directly by Nvidia, are also concerned once again changes the situation.

The first case of melted RTX 4090 Founders Edition has been identified

The author of the Reddit post thus explains that he received his RTX 4090 on October 19, i.e. less than a month before the accident. “On October 29, my screen went black after about an hour of playing”he wrote. “I tried restarting the PC several times and still couldn’t get an image. I checked the GPU and the adapter and that’s where I saw the problem. » After contacting Nvidia, he receives a replacement model 3 days later.

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The player stresses, however, that he took all the necessary precautions to avoid twisting the power cable, one of the main suspects in this case, by installing the graphics card in its case without replacing the side panel afterwards. An official statement from Nvidia on the subject is therefore seriously beginning to be expected. For now, it seems that the investigation is slipping.

Source : Reddit

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