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RTX 4070: we know at what price the Nvidia graphics card will arrive on April 13

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Nvidia has so far only focused on its high-end graphics cards, but is now preparing to launch a new, even cheaper model within just a month, the RTX 4070.

GeForce RTX 4070 Ti best-price

After early RTX 4090s and very high-end RTX 4080s, Nvidia had more recently launched a slightly more affordable RTX 4070 Ti, based on the older RTX 4080 12 GB which had been cancelled. Launched at 799 dollars across the Atlantic and 899 euros here, it remains unaffordable for many players.

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Fortunately, Nvidia is preparing to launch an even cheaper GPU, the RTX 4070, on April 13. Of course, you shouldn’t expect a huge discount compared to the models already on the market, but any reduction in prices is good to take.

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What price for the RTX 4070?

According to leaker Moore’s Law is Dead, the RTX 4070 will be available from $749 for reference models, and $799 for custom versions. We would therefore end up at the same price as the classic RTX 4070 Ti. By comparison, we’re also $250 above the previous RTX 3070.

The most surprising thing is that according to a leaked internal document, Nvidia plans to separate the tests of its new graphics cards according to their prices. Indeed, next April 12, testers will have the opportunity to publish their benchmarks with the reference RTX 4070, that is to say Founders Edition models and custom models that have not been overclocked. However, we will have to wait April 13 to see overclocked benchmark testswhich will be sold for $50 more.

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According to the most recent leaks, like its more powerful Ti counterpart, the RTX 4070 should run with the same AD104 GPU, but with fewer CUDA cores than its sibling. Specifically, 5888 CUDA cores. Other alleged details of the card suggest that it will also work with 12 GB of VRAM, but with GDDR6 modules and not GDDR6X like the RTX 4090, 4080 and 4070 Ti. It remains to be seen if all this will be confirmed on the final version of the graphics card. We still do not know when the RTX 4060 could arrive, which will be even cheaper.

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