RTX 4060 Ti: scalpers are back and driving up the price of the RTX 40XX Founders Edition

rtx 4060 ti scalpers are back and driving up the.jpg
rtx 4060 ti scalpers are back and driving up the.jpg

Chinese scalpers are charging a high price to gamers wanting to get an RTX 4060 Ti or a Founders Edition model.

RTX 4070 Ti

Rumor has it that the RTX 4060 Ti receives a rather lukewarm reception with gamers. In France as in Japan, and elsewhere in the world, players do not seem interested in the affordable graphics card from Nvidia. This makes the events unfolding in China all the more intriguing. Middle Kingdom players are currently facing a GeForce RTX 40XX shortage. The latter is orchestrated by the famous “scalpers”, who have managed to get their hands on Nvidia’s GPU stocks, and are now reselling them at exorbitant prices.

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According to Notebook Check, Chinese scalpers drive RTX 40XX FE price up 45% on average. While an RTX 4090, the real monster of Nvidia’s lineup, costs around 13,000 yuan (≃1650 €) in its FE version, unofficial resellers are trying to squeeze 17,000 yuan (≃2157 €) out of it. The increase is therefore of the order of 31%. It is customers looking for the best quality/price ratio who will be particularly harmed in this operation, since the RTX 4060 Ti is offered at nearly €605 by scalpers while it is exchanged for around €406 in the traditional shops. A increase of around 56% !

Chinese scalpers take advantage of strong demand for the GeForce RTX 40XX FE

The Chinese phenomenon is surprising to say the least, since in the United States, for example, the trend seems to be reversed. Official resellers are already lowering the price of the graphics card, barely a month after its release. The RTX 4060 Ti struggles to convince, probably the fault of a data sheet that barely stands out from that of its predecessor, the RTX 3060 Ti.

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Resellers are already forced to lower the price of the RTX 4060 Ti to increase sales. In this context, it is quite unlikely that scalpers will be talked about on our side of the planet.