RTX 4060: overclocking the graphics card does not improve its performance much

official nvidia rtx 4060 20 faster than the rtx 3060.jpg
official nvidia rtx 4060 20 faster than the rtx 3060.jpg

If it is generally very interesting to overclock your graphics card to take advantage of all the performance it can offer, the RTX 4060 does not seem to react very well to the exercise, as confirmed by the first tests.


Nvidia is still preventing the release of detailed tests of the RTX 4060, with it officially arriving tomorrow, but has already authorized certain limited tests, in particular on Cyberpunk 2077. Several media and Youtubers therefore had a great time trying out the card on CD Projekt Red’s title, but the results did not all live up to expectations.

The RTX 4060 delivers well a ~27% performance boost over the RTX 3060 on the title at 1080p, as measured by JayTwoCents. This therefore corresponds to the figures announced by Nvidia, since the giant had announced increases of around 20%. Even better, other leaked benchmarks even reported a 48% faster card than the previous generation.

The RTX 4060 is not very suitable for overclocking

The Youtuber then tried pushing the frequencies of the card to see how far the performance could go, and the results aren’t exactly impressive. Despite a rising TDP of 130W and a 100 MHz higher clock frequency, the gain is quite insignificant.

In fact, the map goes from 80.8 FPS, in 1080p with DLSS activated and ray-tracing configured in Ultra, to only 82.3 FPS. We are therefore witnessing a 1.2% gainwhich can be considered negligible given the increase in energy that the card consumes.

Cyberpunk 2077 is a very good title to give an overview of the performance of its card, since it offers all the latest technologies from Nvidia. The RTX 4060 was very efficient, but was unable to take advantage of additional power limits to which she could have had access. It’s unclear what’s the culprit behind such disappointing results, but it’s possible that the card is facing voltage limits, which restrict overclocking capabilities.

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It now remains to test the card on other games, but from what we have already seen, we can only recommend that you do not overclock your RTX 4060s.