Rotating or double screen: this is the new and spectacular Lenovo laptops


Lenovo CES 2023

One of the brands that we were most waiting for to appear on the CES 2023 It is Lenovo, which always tends to respond with new designs and concepts. This year they have not missed the tradition with, for example, rotating screens or a laptop with two touch screens.

Let’s summarize the next Lenovo news for this year and the most outstanding announcements of his time at CES 2023.

Lenovo Legion 2023 Range

We start with one of the flagships of the brand, its range of computers focused on gaming, but with such powerful hardware that it can be put to many other uses. The big news of 2023 is the new Lenovo LA AI chip, the first dedicated AI chip in a gaming laptop, installed in the new Lenovo Legion Pro 7 and 7i laptops and also the Lenovo Legion Pro 5 and 5i laptops. These 16-inch beasts are powered by 13th Gen Intel Core or AMD Ryzen 7000 Series processors and the latest GPUs up to Nvidia GeForce RTX Laptop.

Lenovo Legion 2023

This chip employs machine learning software to tune performance to optimal parameters and get the most out of the hardware, for example by improving the frame rate per second or tuning the system to produce maximum performance dynamically.

Lenovo Legion Pro 7i and Lenovo Legion Pro 5 and 5i laptops also include the Tobii Horizon technologycapable of tracking head movements without the need for additional components, giving gamers an extra level of immersion during their favorite games, as well as the Tobii Aware system.

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As for towers, a new generation of desktops has also been presented. The new Lenovo towers Legion Tower 7i and Lenovo Legion Tower 5i are powered by 13th generation Intel Core desktop processors and feature the latest Nvidia GeForce RTX graphics cards. For their part, the Legion Tower 5 and Legion Tower 7 have been built with up to AMD Ryzen 9 processor and AMD Radeon RX 7000 series GPUs or the latest Nvidia GeForce RTX.

Lenovo Legion Tower 2023

  • The Lenovo Legion Pro 7i with Intel Core processor will be priced from 2,499 euros and is expected to be available from February 2023.
  • The Legion Pro 7 with AMD Ryzen processor will start at €2,699 and is expected to be available from April 2023.
  • The Lenovo Legion Pro 5i with Intel Core processor will be priced from 1,899 euros and is expected to be available from March 2023.
  • The Lenovo Legion Pro 5 with AMD Ryzen processor will be priced from 1,899 euros and is expected to be available from April 2023.
  • The Lenovo Legion Tower 7i with Intel Core processor will start at 2,699 euros and is expected to be available from March 2023.
  • The Lenovo Legion Tower 5i with Intel Core processor will be priced from 1,399 euros and is expected to be available from January 2023.
  • The Lenovo Legion Tower 5 with AMD Ryzen processor will be priced from 1,299 euros and is expected to be available from May 2023.

ThinkBook Plus Twist with rotating screen

Lenovo today announced at CES 2023 the latest innovative model in the ThinkBook Plus Twist range, reimagining Lenovo’s foldable form factor with a rotating dual display that includes a OLED panel on one side and a colorful e-Ink e-ink display on the other.

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Lenovo ThinkPad Plus Twist

Since its inception in 2020, the Thinkbook Plus range has sought to break the boundaries of convention with hybrid designs of the most risky. “The new ThinkBook Plus Twist reinvents this category by integrating an innovative dual rotating display that offers multi-modal versatility while enhancing the user experience in multiple areas, creating a unique laptop for the new generations.”

Building on the ThinkBook Plus Gen 2 series, Lenovo’s design and engineering teams have taken user input and insights into account when implementing numerous enhancements and innovations for the ThinkBook Plus Twist such as this new 13.3-inch 2.8K OLED thin-bezel displaywith touch glass and rotating hinge whose second face is a 12-inch front-lit e-ink panel on the top cover, with an improved 12Hz refresh rate and touch glass.

You will not lack a thirteenth generation Intel Core processor, Intel Wi-Fi 6E wireless connectivity that improves network performance and stability and full-size stylus support on OLED and e-Ink displays with up to 18-month battery life.

  • The ThinkBook Plus Twist will be priced from 1,699 euros and is expected to be available from June 2023.

Yoga Book 9i with dual screen

The Yoga Book 9i allows users to take advantage of the full laptop experience along with the flexibility and dual screen multitasking potential. More versatile than a traditional laptop, the exceptionally flexible Yoga Book 9i with Intel Evo platform offers dual-screen versatility, multi-mode functionality, and superior entertainment capabilities.

YogaBook 9i

The potential of this dual-screen laptop is designed to increase productivity For example, for those who want to work on two different files simultaneously, they can view both, one on each screen, watch a video on one screen while taking notes or searching on the second screen at the same time, without interruptions.

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«Today’s consumers lead multifaceted lives and are even more intrinsically dependent on technology that enables them to design, develop and create their own content. We have designed the new Yoga range so that today’s consumers can achieve their goals tomorrow. This spirit is embodied in the new Yoga Book 9i, the World’s first full-size, dual-screen OLED laptop that responds to the demands of versatility, mobility and performance of our customers“, explained Jun OuYang, vice president of the Consumer Segment of Lenovo Smart Devices Group.

This convertible also includes a folio stand that allows users to work on the go more easily, a detachable Bluetooth keyboard that enhances multitasking potential, and the Lenovo-designed Smart Pen stylus that can be used to further increase productivity.

  • The Yoga Book 9i will have a starting price of €2,299 and it will foreseeably be available from July 2023.