Roccat Vulcan 121 AIMO, Review

A mechanical gaming keyboard that will light up your games


The German brand Roccat, presents his first keyboard with Titan technology in switches, this allows each grip to be more precise and faster. Could this patent give him to compete with optical sensitivity to be more competitive in video games? Next, we give you our impressions after a month of using the Vulcan 121 AIMO.


The keyboard case has a metallic finish that at first glance makes it look like a premium product, in fact, from a close up you can notice that it is made of aluminum. The distance of the keys with the base allows you to clean it in an optimal way and when the lights are on it is more attractive. This is a great success since most in this category, it is necessary to remove the parts to keep the device free of dust or residue.

The volume control and the effect buttons without being lit have a simple finish that contrasts with everything else, arguably a little out of tune, but when turned on they take another dimension.

It also integrates a magnetic support to support the hands that does not have the padded softening that we normally see in others of the same style, this in long days of play can get annoying.


It has an engine via software called Roccat Swarm that allows you to adjust the color of the keyboard, own brand headphones and even a mouse. With this you can put feedback sounds to the keys like:

  • Click sound
  • Typewriter
  • To be
  • And science fiction
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On the other hand, you can assign keys, make macros, profiles and even predetermine functions of the operating system, internet, applications or even customize timers by simply dragging these functions through the program to one of the buttons.

Finally, in the lighting functions, it brings predetermined effects such as wave, snake, heartbeat, breath, faded effect, waves or fully illuminated, since if you want to customize it to taste you can do it key by key and save this selection in the number of profiles you want .


The keyboard we tested with several games between them Apex Legends, Battlefield v, Call of Duty: Warzone and Doom Eternal. As for the response times we had no major problems or failures, there is only the detail of the support to support the hands that, not being padded, after a good couple of hours it can be uncomfortable. For daily or work use it is comfortable and the fact that it can be personalized with operating system functions makes it attractive


With its distinctive German-style design, the Roccat Vulcan 121 AIMO keyboard more than meets what a competitive gamer is looking for, it is light, comfortable, easy to clean and the level of customization is deep. For a normal user it has aesthetic attractions and functions that can help in daily tasks, making this a great option for any type of user.

Rating: 9