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Roblox hosts an electronic music event in the metaverse

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Everyone knows that video games represent the perfect setting not only to test your skills through the different levels that make it up, but also as an opportunity to meet other people and why not? Enjoy a good concert of electronic music.

The latter is what the Roblox gaming platform is currently planning to carry out with the help of music event promoter Insomniac. The purpose: to create the «world’s largest dance music festival, Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC), in the Metaverse».

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Although this can be considered as an ambitious project by Roblox, it has the necessary potential to become a reality taking into account that this platform registers an estimate of 43 million users assets per day.

This makes Roblox more than an ideal candidate for the metaverse, a term used to refer to a universe of interconnected virtual worlds in the best style of novels such as Ready Player One. World Party, EDC Las Vegas 2021 will be the first music festival held on Roblox.

In this way, while 500 thousand attendees focus on the real world in the Las Vegas Motor Speedway This weekend, the rest will have the opportunity to be part of this event through the metaverse of October 23-25. However, prior to the main show, a virtual event was taking place yesterday October 22.

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People who participate in the Roblox music festival will have the privilege of immersing themselves in the magic of the festival stages, being able to also enjoy areas such as Cosmic Meadow, Camp EDC, Circuit Grounds, Pixel Forest, among others.

Likewise, those attending the virtual EDC will have the opportunity to appreciate a preview of the stage design Kinetic Field this year, which is in sync with the theme of the festival Kinetic Zen.

The artists in charge of the performances will start playing on Roblox starting at 4:00 pm Pacific Time. All of this will lead to a limited pre-show on October 22, while most of the EDC sets will air the next day.

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