Revolutionary wind in wind turbines with this redesigned system which would reduce costs

To reduce the production and installation costs of a wind farm, the Airloom company has imagined a unique system for producing energy using blades suspended on a cable carried by poles.

In addition to giants higher than the Eiffel Tower , many astonishing projects around the capture ofto generate are in class. We find floating wind turbines in Norway or a giant wind turbines in the open ocean. The project of the company Airloom Energy , in Wyoming, in the United States, goes even further in originality. Its process supported by the financial fund of is designed to minimize costs while increasing efficiency.

Rather than opting for the , Airloom sees rather small. With a nominal power of 2.5 MW, the installation is based on a sort of oval track made up of 25 meter high poles. The posts are connected together at the top by a cable. On it are suspended fins. With this process, the blades can harvest energy from the wind in any direction. These blades will therefore rotate around this oval track.

An economical wind farm

The longest sides of the latter are oriented into the prevailing wind, so that as many blades as possible can capture the wind. At the ends of this oval, the blades will change direction. With this system, while a wind turbine obtains maximum torque at the tip of the blade and very little at the hub, the length of the system’s blades allows maximum energy to be captured over the entire surface. To install the system, there is no need for huge convoys of trucks or gigantic cranes. According to Airloom’s calculations, the installation price of this wind farm would be 25% compared to the current cost. Likewise, the cost of energy production would be estimated at a third of what it costs today. For the moment, the company has developed small-scale prototypes which are already operational. Initially, the company will create a park with a power of 50 kW to test it on a full-scale basis and upgrade it so that it can reach the planned nominal power.

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