Revolution Origami: A leap towards the most realistic virtual reality

origami vr.jpg
origami vr.jpg

The researchers at Westlake Universityin collaboration with other institutions in China, are working on the cutting edge of virtual reality (VR) technology, developing a innovative haptic device that improves interactivity in virtual environments. Inspired by the traditional art of paper folding known as origami, this device introduces a new way of experiencing touch to the metaverse.

Inspiration in Origami

Origami, a technique that creates three-dimensional shapes by folding paper, is the basis for this new haptic device. The team of researchers, led by Hanqing Jiang, have used this approach to simulate the sensation of touching objects with different levels of rigidity in VR environments. have used a curved origami panelwhose angles can be adjusted by motors, allowing a variety of tactile experiences to be replicated.

Towards a new virtual reality


Existing haptic technologies often rely on vibration to simulate touch. Unlike these, Jiang’s device allows users to interact with objects in real time in VR, adjusting to the conditions of the virtual environment. This approach provides a sense of active interactionwhich is closer to how we interact with our physical environment.

Preliminary results and future plans

Preliminary tests of the device suggest that it outperforms existing haptic technologies in terms of realism and level of interaction. However, this is only the first step. The research team plans to add more complex tactile sensations in the future, including the texture and temperature of objects.


Integrating these active touch experiences into VR could revolutionize the way we interact with digital environments, creating more immersive and realistic experiences. This technological breakthrough has the potential to impact numerous fields, from entertainment to training to medical rehabilitation, paving the way for a virtual reality indistinguishable from physical reality.

You have more information at, where there is a video showing more details.

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