Revolution in Waze: the change to differentiate itself from Google Maps and the functions that the app loses

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Waze’s design has undergone some changes that improve the way it is used, reducing the steps necessary to report.

If we talk about mapping and navigation applications, Waze is possibly the best alternative to Google Maps. The platform, which is owned by Google, gives great importance to live information from users, and even alerts about black spots where there are more accidents.

It is also the choice of many users due to its radar warnings, and now, following the example of the Google app, it has updated some points of its design. These are intended to make some options more accessiblealthough there are others that seem to have disappeared from the application.

Although it is a competitor to Google Maps, Waze is much more focused on this type of information, which is what makes it different. In any case, the competition they maintain makes them evolve seeking to offer the best for users.

A facelift

The main change that the application experiences is that it is now easier to start a report of an event that has been seen on the road, since the process has been shortened so that fewer touches on the screen are necessary. Also The process of reporting an incident has been modified so that the application automatically finishes and sends the report so that the user does not have to do it by hand.

There are some options that, according to 9to5Google, seem to have fallen by the wayside, since they no longer appear. For example, reporting an accident, which was previously within the danger section and is now no longer there. The car in the middle of the road warning has also disappeared. With this, the number of variants to choose from is reduced, but they can be replaced by similar ones that do continue in the app.

New Waze design

Although the precision of the information is reduced, the speed and simplicity of the menus is increased, so we will have to see how it affects the users who usually use it. This update in the Waze design is being progressively applied to its mobile application, both for them and for Android, but these changes have not yet reached vehicles.

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