Revolut suffers a cyber attack affecting the data of thousands of customers

Attention to those of you who are users of Revolut, one of the best-known neobanks, and one of the most widely accepted in Spain, since this company fintech has suffered a major security issue whereby attackers have obtained personal information from thousands of customers.

The attack has just been announced today although the event occurred at the end of last week, precisely, on Sunday night. The company is proceeding to locate the affected clients to indicate to them via email the procedure to follow.

Those affected can continue to use accounts and cards normally

This means that if you are a customer and you have not received information by email, you are probably not one of the customers affected by this problem.

Now, taking into account that Among the filtered data is the partial filtering, not total, of the credit card data, the affected users will be able to continue using them.

And only personal data has been leaked, no access to customer funds, no evidence of theft. In this scenario, Revolut points out to its customers that they can continue to use their cards and accounts as normal.

Revolut thus joins the list of companies that are being affected by cyber attacks in recent weeks.

It points out that As soon as it detected the attack, it tried to isolate it as quickly as possible, observing how the attack was directed at a specific group of its clients, although for the time being it has not revealed the method used by the attackers to carry out the attack.

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Also, during the attack, some users have come to observe anomalies in the service, including profanity in the chat function. It is noted that in the European Economic Area it has affected a total of 20,687 customers, although globally there are a total of 50,150 affected customers.

In addition to partial card information, the attackers have also gained access to full names, postal addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, and account data.