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Review video shows details of LG smartphone with scrollable screen

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A recently released video shows various aspects about LG’s scrollable smartphone. First of all, it is worth stressing that the brand left the global market in the category in 2021. However, there have always been rumors regarding the manufacturer’s plans for the launch of rollable and folding models.

The latter was even revealed through leaked sketches in August about the design that this branded foldable would have. As for the model with a scrollable screen, rumors pointed out that it would hit the market in September 2021. However, as the manufacturer chose to leave the market in April, it was not possible to see the product reaching the hands of consumers.

In the production, released on a Korean technology channel on Youtube, the presenter shows the product from unboxing. At first, it would come in a larger box, with the name “Rollable” stamped on it and nothing else. Another interesting detail is that the way to open it is by sliding, simulating the effect of the cell phone screen.

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In addition, the accessories do not deviate from the standard expected for a device of this type. But, the capacity of the charger was not disclosed. As for the design, it seems to have a good finish, praised by the user and with the screen in a reduced version, the item resembles in some points the Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha.

To make the panel expand, the shortcut is to swipe to the right side with three fingers and to shrink it, just swipe to the left side. The device is capable of leaving its size of 6.8” and reaching 7.4”, getting close to that of a small tablet. Still, you can see that this is an unfinished product, as it shows some imperfections on the display.

About the specs, the LG Rollable promised a Snapdragon 888 as SoC, in addition to 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. Its battery capacity is 4,500 mAh and its weight is 285g, something close to the Samsung Galaxy Fold 4 (263g) and iPhone 14 Pro Max (240g).

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