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Reversion, PC Analysis

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We analyze Reversion for PC from 3f Interactive, a graphic adventure that gets us squarely in an Argentina of 2035 with more than one problem to deal with.

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More than seven have been the years that 3f Interactive It has taken time to complete Reversion, the video game that concerns us today. With a somewhat bumpy development in times by this low budget team, the title that finally presents us in full is a adventure graph divided into three chapters set in an Argentina from the future; of 2035 to be exact.

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With a gameplay that does not invent the wheel But that it is effective, the boys —also Argentines— have known how to combine simplicity with some natural sea puzzles that we have loved. If you want to know a little more about Reversion, read on.

Oppressed Argentina

Reversion tells us about Christian, a young man who wakes up in a hospital twenty years after what his memory remembers. It is not that he remembers much before, since one of the pillars of the plot is knowing who the man is who appears in a torn photo he has in his pockets, a doctor who apparently does not remember. We are in Argentina, 2035, and a few years earlier a group of paramilitaries carried out a coup d'etat plunging the country into a political crisis.

It is our mission to know what has happened to you, why do you wake up in a hospital and why it seems that our hero is so important to this armed group. However, finding the key to everything will be somewhat more complex than it might initially seem.

To find with all the answers 3f Interactive has devised a great interaction menu with the environment with only three options and that, in addition, works much better than we expected. Look, Pick and Talk They are the only actions we need to solve all the mysteries of Reversion. To this we must add an inventory menu, another of tracks and a radar that shows us which objects on the stage we can interact with. You don't need more.

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To perform one of these actions, just do double click on an environment object so that a context menu appears on the screen. Also, if any of the three available options is not possible with that object, it will appear gray. In other words, the system that 3f Interactive has devised is one of the simplest and friendliest we have seen in recent years.

Reversion puzzles are not too complex or artificial, on the contrary, they are very natural. Or what is the same, you will not find puzzles where you need a rubber chicken to use on a zip line. The truth is that this is something that is appreciated because getting a graphic adventure to progress naturally is more satisfying for the player than forcing him to combine impossible objects. In this sense the Argentines have made a great job.

However, everything has a price and that is that the duration of each chapter makes it unpleasant. The first two chapters are somewhat concise in time and content, the first undoubtedly the shortest. The third however – and where practically everything related to the plot of Reversion is discovered – has an acceptable duration although in the end, all together, it can give us fun for an afternoon approximately. It is replayable, of course, but only if we intend to get hold of all the achievements it collects on the Steam platform. There are no endings or alternative paths.


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Taking into account that 3f Interactive is a low budget development team and Reversion being its first title, few buts can take this graphic adventure out. Yes it is true that it has shortcomings but nothing that does not allow us to enjoy the title. The most notable is undoubtedly its sound section, specifically the dubbing of the characters. Not because the voices are Argentine —something evident given the origin of the study and the setting where the adventure takes place— but because of their interpretation. The intonation is bland and boring, done without much effort and passion, and that is noticeable from the first moment in which the character pronounces his first words. However, not everything is bad, the whole adventure is properly located with voices and texts, the latter also in Argentine.

The design of the characters can shock a little, especially the faces, but it is what we say, little can be attributed to a studio that ventures for the first time in the field of video games.


Reversion knows how to entertain players until the end thanks to a very funny and surprising plot along with an intuitive menu of actions that works much better than we expected. The total duration of the three chapters and their sound section is perhaps the negative of the title. To applaud the fact that the Argentine studio has created a graphic adventure with logical and very natural puzzles.


  • Simple and intuitive action menu.
  • Fun and different.


  • Technically pocho, does not leave or choose resolution.
  • Very limited duration.
  • The dubbing is bland and of very poor quality.
  • We have had to wait 7 years to see the final chapter.


It is not the latest or most original, nor does it have the best execution, but it can be fun if you like the genre. Good, but upgradeable.

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